Conditions! What are we going to expect?

Much favorable comment has been received concerning the change in the period of validity of the DX Propagation Charts which appeared last month's . Beginning this Month (July)  therefore the short skip propagation Charts will also be valid for August :

10 Meters: While fewer DX openings are forecast, same fairly good ones  still should be possible during daylight hours, especially to southern and tropical areas . Some fairly good short-skip openings should also be possible between distances of approximately 1000 and 2300 miles-. Conditions are expected to peak during the afternoon hours.

12 Meters: Some fairly good openings , still should be possible during daylight hours.
5 Meters: This should be the best Band for DX Propagation during most of daylight hours. Excellent openings are forecast to most areas of the world during this period, with condition speaking  during the late afternoon hours. Some openings to southern and tropical areas may take place during the evening hours as well. Excellent short-skip openings are also forecast for most of daylight hours , between distances of approximately 1000 and 2300 miles.

17 Meters: During most of the daylight hours, this is expected to be the a good band for DX openings.
20 Meters: With longer hours of daylight, 20 meters should remain open for  DX well into the evening hours. This should be optimum ban for DX openings during sunrise period, and again during sunset  and early evening hours. The band is likely to remain throughout the hours of darkness as well, especially to southern and tropical areas. Excellent short-skip openings are expected during the daylight hours, between distances of approximately 750 and 2300 miles, with may openings  continuing through the evening hours.

30 Meters: Some fairly good openings , however , are predicted to various areas of the world during the hours of darkness and during the sunset and sunrise periods
40 Meters: Fairly good DX openings to many areas of the world from sundown through sunrise, with conditions peaking during the hours of darkness. Excellent short-skip openings are expected between a range of 50 to 750 miles during the daylight hours, and between approximately 500 and 2300 miles at night.


The solar Observatory reports a mean monthly sunspot number 70 for August. This results in a 12-month smoothed sunspot number .The average strength of the polar fields near the end of Cycle 24 will be similar to (or slightly weaker) that measured near the end of Cycle 23

This means that the plateau in then level of the present sunspot Cycle 24, which began December 2008  with a smoothed minimum value sunspot number now is that the polar fields indicate that Cycle 24 as the current small cycle. Small cycles, like Cycle 24y  start late and leave behind long cycles with deep extended minima. Therefore, we expect a similar deep, extended minimum for the Cycle 24/25 minimum in 2020.

We may repeat just a few characters of a call if we cannot resolve the complete call.  This means we are listening to someone specific and will persist until we get the complete call.  If we made a genuine mistake and nobody returns to our first or second offer, we will say something like “No copy, QRZ” or “NIL” on CW but please be patient until that point.




MHZ / My Typical Operating Frequencies  





CW 3.520


CW 7.050 and 7055


SSB 7.060  (listen above 7.200 for NA)


CW 10.117 and 10.119


CW 14.006 and 14.054


SSB 14.145 and 14.260


CW 18.084


SSB 18.140


CW 21.021 and 21.054


SSB 21.260


CW 24.897


SSB 24.977


CW 28.007 and 28.027


SSB 28.477

Let us know your necessities about Bands and Modes. send us your request Will try to give you more than one band and mode.

See you during our Adventure

Please kindly if you ear  or work me, spot on the cluster to others. I will look out especially for well modulated signals, even the weak ones, and will make sure our own signal is clean.

We give special attention to QRPs , SWL , NOVICE and Mobile Stations

Please NO DUPES QSO's , give the chance to others! If you work us already, please don't call again at least on different mode.

If propagation opens up for DX QSOs, I may start calling specific areas or continents but only for a while, Ie promise.  I'm  conscient of the short greyline openings to North America  and Asia, and will be looking for long path as well as short path openings when the time is right.  If I work some juicy DX in a run of ordinary QSOs, I may put the pileup on hold and call for more DX to take advantage of the opportunity.  Be patient with me: I like working DX too!


This is my NEW LOGGING  created by DL7UCX this software can be downloaded via the link UCX LOG at internet . It's a program designed to do contest logging and some general logging. It is not a general logging program with award tracking etc. but it is mainly a contest program. Also very good for using as a DXpedinionary tools on any laptop .
The program can be used on  Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 (Windows 95/98/Me possibly with restrictions) . Try to use this log software and explore all facilities.Log book with unlimited number of QSOs. Determination of DXCC/WAE country, CQ/ITU zone, beam direction and distance and QSOs before. Comfortable CW and speech generation (output LPT / COM / WinKey / Soundcard). Digital modes by coupling with Fldigi and MMTTY engine, integral BPSK/QPSK. World map in Rectangular or Great Circle projection with gray-line, short and long path. Spectrum analysis and audio recorder (soundcard).  DXpedition mode and QSO statistics.  NCDXF/IARU Beacon monitoring. DX cluster / bandmap via TNC/Telnets/WWW with many filters (DXCC and IOTA detection), takeover to log and TRX. Import/export: ADIF, ASCII, Cabrillo, STF, EDI, LOTW, eQSL, Clublog, RSGB-IOTA. Different operators with own settings possible. Flexible QSL print for cards and labels with optional background images. Log Cloud - Backup or synchronize logs on UcxLog webserver - Web upload of own frequency. Safe database with extreme fast call sign search.

You may also obtain technical support by e-mail Please take a look Here on UCX Forom UCX Forum


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