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In the Nothern Altantic, bettween Norway and Icelond in North of Scotland , is Faroes Archipelago with almost twenty islands  this rugged, treeless arvhipelago is territoiry of Kingdom of Denmark sinvceearly 8th Century, Regular Flights are from Copenhagen, London Abedeen , Bergen, Oslo and Reykajvik.

Flights to Faroe Islands

Atlantic Airways is the national Faroese airline .Operating to a and from Faroes Island for different places from Europe. Several flights a day from Copenhagen, than two flights per week from Billund (Danmark) Reykhavik (Iceland), Edinburgh(Scotland) and Bergen (Norway) . There are also regular flights to Aalborg and during summer season flights to Barcelona (Spain) other vdestinations like Mallorca and Gran Canaria (Spain) your Crete (Greece) even Lisbon (Portugal

Azymutal MAP :

Welcome to see the Azymutal Map with center in Faroes Islands


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