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About  me

 It's been twenty-seven years since my first IOTA DXpedition, I hope one day that this DXpedition will be remembered for the next twenty years. During past five years I couldn't travelling due lot of family responsibilities affairs , finally I'm back to my adventures . This is another IOTA operation after all this is my dream. from the last trip to Indian Ocean as S79BWW (Seychelles) , this time i decide to return Northern Atlantic. My first plan was Iceland (TF) but with difficulty on answers about permissions to mount antennas on cottages we decide to Faroes Islands.

Never let it be said that my family is obsessed with amateur radio. because it's not true, Not entirely.
we have another hobbies, trekking, bird watching, photos with radio amateurs you need waste no time with brittle , social niceties before making friends. That he shares your obsessionist hobby makes the newcomer O.K. You may have talked to him for years, so an eyeball QSO is only putting a face and personality to a voice.

I pointed out some of the advantages of DXpeditions and promised to illustrate just how DXing could be put to use actively promote and preserve amateur radio. First we must consider from what quarters amateur radio has received support in the past. Our government has recognized two basic advantages, the use of amateur radio in emergency and disaster situation. In this case, amateur radio can no longer be realistically considered as essential: this is not to say that there won't always be isolated instances, where amateur radio may "come to a rescue"

One of the most frustrating problems I faced before leaving Portugal was obtaining statements in writing and valid short period licensing . how many government officials do you know who have ever heard amateur radio DXpedition?
At first i was optimistic wishing to inquire about such places as Falklands, Comoros, Zanzibar, Ascension , ST.Helena, Seychelles, Mauritius, . I learned at the outset of the DXpedition that in these instances e-mails, telephone calls are generally waste of the time and much less successful than even an unannounced personal visit, or series of visits.
The irritating thing about both emails and phone calls or even visits particularly the former, is the number of times you have to repeat your request or story. It isn't easy to explain what a DXpedition is all about in a few minutes, and such a story invariably loses a bit with each translation.

Everyone who has known me for many years knows that I always look for something different, it may even be simple but it is not without enthusiasm, of  course that we are scout we can have a good perspective on these feelings.

They will remember Fernando de Noronha PY0F / CT1BWW's or the first radio amateur activities at the Rolas Islet which is crossed by Ecuador with S92BWW as well as the latest valid activities for Sint Maarteen as PJ7 / CT1BWW or Saint Martin as FS / CT1BWW.

Many know of the perils of the VK9XWW expedition to Christmas Island in which we made 10 Flights or the Adventure of Mozambique and Bazaruto Island with C91BWW and C98BWW.

Others will remember the Three Islands of the Azores with CU5X, CU7X and CU4X.

Then the oldest will remember CT0B, CT7B of Berlenga Island and CT1BWW / P in the first and only Expedition to the Farillions Island.

When in 2009 we had in the Aland with OH0 / CT1BWW and in Market Reef we thought that we had to visit other lands of the "Vikings"

                                IOTA operations from CT1BWW Op.MARQ

Island Name Country Callsigns IOTA REF


BUGIO Portugal CT1BWWW/P EU040  
INSUA Portugal CT2I, CT8I, CT1BWWW/P EU150 3
ARMONA Portugal CT1BWWW/P EU145 4
CULATRA Portugal CS6C, CT1BWWW/P EU145  
ROLAS S.Tomé & Princípe S92BWW AF023 6
FAIAL Azores CU7X EU175 8
PICO Azores CU6X EU175  
S.JORGE Azores CU5X EU175  
BAZARUTO Mozambique C98BWW AF072 9
SINT MAARTEEN The Netherlands PJ7/CT1BWW NA105  
CHRISTMAS Portugal VK9XWW OC002 11
ALAND Finland OHØ/CT1BWWW EU002 12
VÁGAR Faroes Islands OY/CT1BWW EU018 14

Just for complete inf I've some several Spiderbeam Mast also a DX Wire Mast and VDA System , also a Spiderbeam

BUT my point of view on DX TRIP Change at all.

1) I don't care about Efficience Antennas

2) I don't care about QSO Rekords

3) Nowadays Mostly HAMS don't listenning... they just go to the web Cluster and moving Antenna , swithing AL and starting making QRM giviing the callsign


The better polities ... Just making radio for fun,You work who listens to you and who deserves you.

Who is really interested in the QSO Reduce the baggage.

Thanks for your answer very appreciated info.

When i said I PRO Antenna i forgot to tell that thos oNE TravellerI think the  PRO Antenna  (big one) is like Sigma XK40 you must use a Golf BagNOWAdays is NOT necessary carying with Big Antennas

I Don't care about Biog Pile ups or something with lot of QRM, I prefer to work as a vacation style" ...if you earming you can call me! ..."

Also the more important on these day is air luggage .On my Trip to OH0/ I pay EXTRA 70 Euros for a golf Bag on flight. For S79BWW I pay on return 120 Euros for Golfbag That's why i prefer to take a small antenna.et VOILÁ!




My sincere gratitude for following entities: 


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