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QSL Card information:  

Use the form from the link below to search if  you are on the log .QSO's in this web containing specific words or combinations callsigns.  

Let me inform you that I'm Member  Qsl Manager Society.

If you need to send card direct  use Qsl Manager Address.

The QSL manager for OY/CT1BWW  is CT1BWW, We QSL via bureau or direct.

Please use the following address for QSL card direct:


Manuel Alberto C. Marques

P. O. Box - 41

2780-901 OEIRAS


 If sou send direct, we would like to ask you to follow these instructions:

- Please remark OY  on the envelope, it's more easier to separate for   other DX'peditions

- Non EU Stations: send a SAE (Self Addressed Envelope) plus 2 US$ or  1 Euro. No other currency!

- EU Stations: send a SAE (Self Adressed Envelope) plus 2  US$ or   1 Euro. No other currency!

- If you send a IRC (International Reply Coupon) look carefully at bottom if valid Date.

- These postages allow us to send one letter with 20 gramms = 1 QSL card + envelope.

- If the SAE and/or (not enough) postage is missing we send QSL card via the bureau.

- Please send requests only for 1 callsign in envelope and send only 1card it helps to save you postage and avoids additional work for us.

   Thank you!

-  And finally... remember like you this is a "hobby" we've regular job we work on QSL'ing on free time.

   All cards will be sent as follow:

   1st Direct QSL request

   2nd QSL Cards by the Bureau

- If you send card by the Bureau you will receive by the  Bureau.

Logs-on-line QSL.NET:  



                                                          I'VE ALWAYS THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR MY QSL CARDS


Direct QSL CARD Received 

QSL CARD Reply      DATE









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