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Propagation in August :

10 Meters and 12 Meters: A seasonal decrease is forecast for DX conditions on 10 meters. while fewer openings are expected , some fairly good ones should be possible to tropical and southern areas during the daylight hours.
15 Meters and 17 Meters: Excellent world wide DX propagation conditions are forecast for 15 meters from shortly after sunrise through early evening hours, and into the hours of darkness. During most of the daylight hours, this is expected to be the optimum band for DX openings.
20 Meters: DX propagation should be possible to one area of the world or another practically around-the-clock on 20 meters.
This should be the best band for DX propagation during the hours of darkness and through the sunrise period, when exceptionally high signal levels are expected
40 Meters and 30 Meters: With fewer hours of darkness on 40 mts DX propagation conditions should decline somewhat during the month. Some fairly good openings , however , are predicted to various areas of the world during the hours of darkness and during the sunset and sunrise periods

By maintaining a consistent rhythm, i hope to avoid encouraging other callers to call while a QSO is still in progress.  I will simply ignore tail-enders and, if they are really rude, we may blacklist blind callers, at least for a while. If i hear someone we have just worked immediately calling again, i  will repeat their call and say something like QSL or Youre in the log to confirm and complete the QSO.  If i made a mistake in the log, we will correct it and confirm on air.  We may just ignore callers making duplicate calls on different occa

I will also be listening more than I transmit.  We will use our filters etc. to the best effect and will make a special effort to pick out weak callers, whether DX or QRPers or Mobiles  (ideally both!)

We may repeat just a few characters of a call if we cannot resolve the complete call.  This means we are listening to someone specific and will persist until we get the complete call.  If we made a genuine mistake and nobody returns to our first or second offer, we will say something like No copy, QRZ or NIL on CW but please be patient until that point.


Tell me what Bands you need and what you think about my web site.  I welcome all of your comments and suggestions.

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What Band you need OY?
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MHZ / Typical Operating Frequencies  

Let us know your necessities about Bands and Modes. send us your request Will try to give you more than one band and mode.

See you during our Adventure

Please kindly if you ear  or work me, spot on the cluster to others. I will look out especially for well modulated signals, even the weak ones, and will make sure our own signal is clean.

We give special attention to QRPs , SWL , NOVICE and Mobile Stations

Please NO DUPES QSO's , give the chance to others! If you work us already, please don't call again at least on different mode.

If propagation opens up for DX QSOs, I may start calling specific areas or continents but only for a while, Ie promise.  I'm  conscient of the short greyline openings to North America  and Asia, and will be looking for long path as well as short path openings when the time is right.  If I work some juicy DX in a run of ordinary QSOs, I may put the pileup on hold and call for more DX to take advantage of the opportunity.  Be patient with me: I like working DX too!





CW 7.050 and 7055


SSB 7.060  (listen above 7.200 for NA)


CW 10.117 and 10.119


CW 14.006 and 14.054


SSB 14.145 and 14.260


CW 18.084


SSB 18.140


CW 21.021 and 21.054


SSB 21.260


CW 24.897


SSB 24.977


CW 28.007 and 28.027


SSB 28.477


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